Linear Rotary Actuators

The SMAC LCR Series Linear Rotary Actuator has precision Z-theta motion within one small actuator, providing a convenient pick, orient and place. A wide variety of linear rotary actuators are offered with either direct drive or gearbox equipped rotary units.

SMAC LCR seriesThe vacuum built-in shaft through the rotary motor is available for some models to prevent dust build-up in the unit. These Z-theta actuators can easily be programmed to control force/torque, position and velocity in all axes at the same time with feedback capability. SMAC’s unique, patented “Soft-Land” function enables the unit to gently land on a delicate component with a controlled force to avoid damage of both the component and the actuator.

It’s designed with linear guide built-in lubrication to offer a long life cycle, programmable force and “Soft-Land” capabilities. These features give absolute control over: force/torque, position, acceleration and velocity.

Direct drive actuator, therefore a very high degree of accuracy & repeatability

Integrated position measuring system with glass scale and optical reader head (no wear)

Very long lifetime due to oversized linear guides

Force measurement through monitoring of current

Digital and analog in/output channels

Ability to switch between operations – force, position and velocity mode – at any time

Extremely high acceleration and velocitySMAC_Logo2