Spotlight on: Mike Spain

IMG_5493Mike Spain, Director of Sales at RSA,  is willing to go to the depths of the earth for RSA customers. He recently dropped underground to identify the positioning sensor used in a deep tunnel facility. That big drop was followed by passing a ladder by hand several times to reach the sensor that needed help.

Mike came to RSA in 2014 during a roller coaster time for the company. His relationship with RSA started over 10 years before when he was working for STI in their sales department. He rose through STI’s ranks and ran the Safety Division’s $14 million sales business. Based on his relationships at RSA Mike knew working for RSA would be a good fit and today is excited to work with RSA’s customers, help them meet their goals, and help them profit by using the best automation technologies.

Mike’s experience at RSA has helped secure the unique position RSA has in the Automation Industry. RSA combines our sales experience in Motion, Vision, Sensing, and Safety with Global Controls Integration Engineering to find the right products at the best price points, and integrate those products to create the best solution giving our customers a competitive advantage.

Mike graduated from Marquette University and has been married to lovely wife Coleen for 16 years. They have built a family of 4 kids Michael, Emmett, Brenna and Liam plus, the seventh member of the family, a mix bread rescue dog from Tennessee, Roxy. Mike is the camping chair for Wheaton Pack 61 and is looking forward to next weeks Pinewood Derby.

Mike looks to serve our customers. He listened to one customer describe their need to re-use a die cut press in a new location which meant new safety requirements. Mike engineered an extruded frame around the press, so that a safety light curtain area was installed keeping the operators safe while allowing them to safely feed material into the press.       See page 4 for the complete article.

Mike brings his personal interest and work ethic to RSA’s great product lines in Motion, Machine Control, Vision, Positioning, Sensing, Safety, and Networking to listen, investigate, and solve issues facing our customers. Mike is excited to face RSA’s challenges to delight our customers, meet our sales goals, strengthen our vendor relationships and help administrate RSA’s business.

RSA is thrilled to have Mike part of our team and hope you will have the opportunity to meet Mike and see how he can help you and your business.