The Ultimate Solutions for Interfacing, Visualizing, and Controlling your network and Serial Devices

logounitronicsDoes adaptable, powerful, and cost-effective describe your machine’s control and visualization? If not then you haven’t looked at what Unitronics has to offer.

Having one software package to program varying levels of PLC strength and varying HMI screen sizes allows the machine builder to adapt to the demands of the market without losing any design momentum. Visilogic is free software from Unitronics that enables you to program any of the Samba & Vision/Vision Enhanced Series units (

screen-VISILOGIC-plc-tab-iphoneVisilogic projects can be easily adapted to varying levels of PLC strength. This means that you can start small and adapt to greater design and features without reworking your project. Every HMI element can be resized, copied & pasted with ease across screens to adapt to design changes which can be involved with decreasing the screen size.

With an adaptable toolkit like this, programmatically interfacing your equipment and importing the HMI screen designs and PLC subroutines into any other machines that will need to interface the same type of equipment becomes incredibly easy.