Top Vision and Code Reading product line – Teledyne Dalsa

For Vision and Code Reading, we now carry Teledyne Dalsa.

TELEDYNE-DALSA_LOGO-2011-55pxThe BOA, BOA2, and BOA Spot have all of the power of our previous products coupled with more capabilities and performance for less money.  The BOA Spot is a Checker killer.  Fully loaded with a 1.3MP imager, the BOA Spot is under $1,600.  boa-spot-300wAnd…it is a full vision system.  Not just a contrast and brightness tool based device like the Checker.

Teledyne Dalsa also offers PC based vision that incorporates the same iNspect software that is used in the BOA family.  The GEVA 3000 PC based I7 Quad Core system supports six cameras, monitor, keyboard and mouse.  It is fanless and uses GigE cameras.  The newest cameras are the GenieNANO line.  Miniature is the only word that describes these cameras.  These are available from .3MP to 12 MP and also supports Dalsa line scan cameras up to 12K line resolution.