Yaskawa Sigma-7 Servo Motors

Sigma 7 LogoThe Next Revolution in Servo Performance

Sigma-7 products set a new industry standard in servo capability, with features that advance Yaskawa’s 25-year reputation for redefining the possibilities in motion automation.

Sigma-7 is a complete family of servo motors and SERVOPACK amplifiers from 3w to 55kW, easily paired with a Yaskawa machine controller to create a motion automation system with the industry’s highest quality and reliability.

s7-rotaryservo-131x184Rotary Servo Motors
In terms of compact size, high resolution and precise performance, the automation industry has never seen a line of rotary servo motors like today’s Sigma-7. The full range of products from 3w to 55kw perform in higher temperature extremes, at higher altitudes and in more washdown environments than ever before. Every Sigma-7 model is backward compatible with existing Sigma-5 and Sigma II products.

s7 directdrive-servo-131x184Direct Drive Servo Motors

Smooth rotary motion is the hallmark of the SGMCS servo motor, which features a direct drive design in which a load is directly attached to the motor surface.


s7-linear-servo-motors-130x82 Linear Servo Motors

Yaskawa linear servo motors replace the backlash, friction, inertia and wear of mechanical linkages with smooth, precise, high performance linear motion in a compact footprint.

s7-linear-slides-130x82Linear Slides

The Sigma Trac slide includes direct drive components, carriage, bearings, base, and linear encoder all integrated into a plug-and-play package.

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