How to the “Information Anywhere” Revolution Helps Boost Production

By Marissa Tucker, product marketing manager

Have you ever seen the term “Information Anywhere” and wondered exactly what it means? We chose this terminology carefully, so it’s more than a mere tag line. Basically, the term refers to the capabilities we build into our HMI (Human Machine Interface) and visualization devices, otherwise known as Information Anywhere. For years, Parker talked to companies that wanted to collect data off the plant floor, even before Internet technology started to enter the industrial arena. Companies wanted to collect data about such-and-such processes. Or, they wanted to log into a database, grab production information and then run reports against it to improve their operations.

EMN_factory12b_w640Data in siloes is largely ignored

However, in the past, the reality was that data resided in isolated siloes and very little of it was turned into information. A typical company stored data about how many parts production had run in one table in a database and more than likely it also had a target figure stored in another table in the database. Companies rarely ran queries and then pulled the reports together to actually show anyone what was going on so they could take action on it. They mostly just collected data and never turned it into useful information.

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